LIT.LA has incredible sound by Sound Investment. Guests since the beginning have been astounded at the incredible audible performance of the nightclub with it's gigantic, heart-pounding bass, incredible midrange and high dynamic range.

With no expense spared, Lit features a brand new high end sound system from Sound Investment, which provides to the best nightclubs in Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. The Function 1 sound system being utilized is iconic and impressive. The lighting system is state of the art and features all LED and Lazer lights with a massive 4K LED panel above the new DJ booth pumping up the excitement.

The new and enhanced furniture, fixtures and interiors within the facility include a custom huge wood dance floor and provide a premium, upscale appearance. With three bars inside, a premium outdoor island bar and a state of the art cool Cryo Nitrogen system from the same company that provided Universal Studios’ Fast & Furious special effects, the club will be pumping ice cold special effects for the ultimate nightclub lounge experience. Featuring great entertainment and interiors, pumping music by Sound Investment, and innovative dinner & bar food & beverage, Lit offers the best in Los Angeles nightlife with uplifting feels and positive vibes.